Japan to allow TV airwaves to be used for 5G communications

Japan Times -- Jul 20
The communications ministry plans to launch as early as this fiscal year a new system to allow the airwaves for live television broadcasts to be also used for 5G ultrahigh-speed mobile communications, informed sources said Monday.

Through the new system, the ministry aims to expand frequency bands available to mobile phone carriers, in a bid to prepare for the anticipated spread of 5G communications.

The airwaves for live broadcasts of sports matches, disasters and other events are not used on a regular basis, while they can be technically used for 5G communications, as well as currently mainstream 4G services.

A revision to the radio law in April last year allowed the airwaves to be also used for purposes other than live television broadcasts.

The ministry plans to allow mobile phone carriers to use the airwaves during hours where there are no live broadcasts.

- Japan Times