Missing Ugandan athlete found

NHK -- Jul 21
A member of the Ugandan Olympic team who went missing from a pre-Games training camp has been found in Mie Prefecture, central Japan.

Police in Osaka Prefecture said the 20-year-old weightlifter, Julius Ssekitoleko, was found in Yokkaichi City on Tuesday afternoon.

Officials said Ssekitoleko disappeared on Friday from a hotel in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, where the team was staying. He left a note saying that he would not return to his country and wanted to work in Japan as life in Uganda is difficult.

Police said Ssekitoleko first headed to the station nearest to the hotel and made his way to Nagoya by bullet train. He visited Gifu Prefecture in central Japan before being found.

Ssekitoleko was scheduled to leave Japan after failing to qualify for the Games during the camp.


行方がわからなくなっていた東京オリンピック・ウガンダ選手団の1人が、7月20日午後に三重県内で見つかりました。 - MBS NEWS