Suzuki, Daihatsu join Toyota-led EV project

NHK -- Jul 22
Several Japanese automakers are joining hands to speed up the development of low-cost electric mini vehicles. Suzuki Motor and Daihatsu Motor are set to take part in a joint venture led by Toyota Motor.

Executives from the companies say Suzuki and Daihatsu each plan to acquire 10 percent of the issued shares of the joint venture. It's developing technologies such as those required for electric trucks.

Suzuki and Daihatsu excel in mini vehicles. By joining the initiative, they also plan to introduce a system to make distribution more efficient by using vehicle telecommunication technologies.

Two truck makers, Isuzu Motors and Hino Motors, are already investors in the joint venture.

The automakers aim to widen the application of so-called CASE technologies in areas such as connected cars and autonomous driving from mini vehicles to trucks.

Toyota President Toyoda Akio spoke at an online news conference. He said mini vehicle businesses are pressed to undergo a major transformation in the face of CASE technologies and amid calls for a carbon-neutral society.

He said mini vehicles must remain, adding that the participation of Suzuki and Daihatsu will boost collaboration, not only for commercial vehicles, but for mini vehicles as well.


軽自動車大手のスズキとダイハツ工業は商用車の技術開発でトヨタ自動車を中心とした企業連合に加わります。 - ANNnewsCH