Typhoon approaching Sakishima Islands in Okinawa

NHK -- Jul 22
Weather officials are warning people in the Sakishima Islands in southwestern Japan to be on the alert for violent winds as Typhoon In-fa is expected to approach the region through Saturday.

Japan's Meteorological Agency said that as of 7:00 a.m. on Thursday, In-fa was moving southwest at a slow pace over waters 170 kilometers south-southeast of Miyako Island in Okinawa Prefecture.

The typhoon was packing winds of up to 144 kilometers per hour near its center. Winds of more than 90 kilometers per hour are blowing within a radius of 130 kilometers.

Officials warn the typhoon may bring winds strong enough to knock down houses.

Evacuation orders have been issued in the cities of Miyakojima and Ishigaki as well as the town of Taketomi.

Officials are advising people in the region to evacuate to strong buildings.

Winds of up to 144 kilometers per hour are forecast for the region on Thursday and up to 162 kilometers per hour on Friday.

The Sakishima Islands and Okinawa's main island are already seeing high waves. Waters around the Sakishima Islands are expected to become rougher, with 11-meter-high waves from Thursday through Friday.

The typhoon will make its influence felt in the region for a long time since it is moving slowly. Officials are calling for people to be on the alert against storm surges, high waves and violent winds.


動きの遅い台風6号は週末にかけて先島諸島にかなり接近する見込みで、大雨や暴風、高波に厳重な警戒が必要です。 - ANNnewsCH