Japan Sets New Internet Record and Tips for Boosting Your Internet Speed

newsonjapan.com -- Jul 24
Internet is something that we all care about. It determines just how long we will have to wait for basic or bandwidth-heavy tasks to finish. Thus, the strive for higher speeds is never-ending.

The home of the world’s first bullet train, Japan has stunned the world yet again with its technological progress. A report carried by Motherboard says that scientists at the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) made internet speed skyrocket. The new data transfer record at 319Tbps, almost twice as fast as the 179Tbps reached by researchers from Britain and Japan in August 2020.

NICT managed this fantastic feat by making a complete upgrade in virtually every stage that’s a part of the data transfer pipeline. There were four cones instead of one in the fiber optic line, assisted by rare earth amplifiers. The researchers shot at multiple wavelengths, a 552-channel comb laser. Keeping the test strictly within the confines of the lab, coil fiber was used for transferring data at a simulated distance of 1,864 miles with no loss to signal quality. Amazing, isn’t it?

However, these tests will have a meaningful impact only after some time has passed because of the prohibitive costs. That said, the NICT team says that they are now looking at internet speeds “beyond 5G” for individual users pretty soon, making things exciting.

Will this influence your browsing?

Well, it’s still some time before we see the tests carried out by the NICT team bear fruits for us, the regular user. Until then, follow our handy tips to speed up your internet. In some cases, you do not even have to spend any money. Why? It might be that you experience a sluggish internet connection because of the placement of your router. Or, in other cases, minor changes can bring major benefits.

For instance, experienced gamers will know just how impactful Ethernet cables can be. Since they need high speed, they look for every possible option for improving it.

Thus, before deciding to purchase more expensive plans from your ISP, try the following tips to increase your speed. While they won’t be ground-breaking, they will surely bring you undeniable benefits.

Move the router

If you have put your router inside a cupboard, a bookshelf, or behind walls, you are likely to experience slower internet speeds. If you just move out your router in an open space, you can see your internet speeds boosted significantly, and its range increased as well.

The perfect spot to place your router varies between homes, but the general practice to follow is not to hide the router in a corner or inside any piece of furniture. Place it in a central spot for better performance with as few obstacles between your device and the router as possible. You should also keep it away from other devices using electromagnetic waves like baby monitors or even microwaves. Thick walls can also make the internet connection less stable. Thus, consider your home carefully before picking the ideal location for your router.

Upgrade your router

There are a lot many differences between routers in terms of their price and functionality. The upgrade we ask you to make is in the range of the router (how far it can broadcast the signals). If your house is a large one, you will do wise to have your router paired with a repeater which helps raise the range of your router, helping the signals reach every nook and corner of your house.

You wouldn’t need any additional tools in a smaller house. If your house is a large one, you may also use a mesh network that allows you to have many router nodes at different spots around your house. Hence, consider these tips to improve your internet speed.

Use an Ethernet Cable

It’s basic. Use wires; they still exist. You should always opt for a wired connection to your router rather than a wireless one. Such a connection is not only faster but more stable as well. Wired connections are also much less affected by other devices.

However, a wired connection puts limits on where you can place your devices, making it less convenient. Imagine having cables put all over your house. In certain situations, such additions are impossible or inconvenient. Thus, it is understandable why wireless connections are the preferred solution.

It’s still better to have a wired connection if you use a gaming console or a streaming box, and it’s a really fast internet connection you need. With multiple Ethernet ports available on the router, you can simply connect your devices with cables for a fast and smooth internet experience.

Switch channels or bands

There are many channels in a Wi-Fi signal. To communicate with the devices you have, the router uses a particular Wi-Fi channel. If there are neighbors around you with their routers on the same Wi-Fi channel, there's quick congestion in the connection. To get rid of this problem, simply switch to a different channel.

Routers handle changes in channels differently. Go through its documentation or check online instructions, but you will be able to navigate your way to the correct options in the device settings. Our experience tells us that the channels to try are 1, 6, and 11.

In your eagerness to boost your internet speed, don’t let your guard down when it comes to your ISP. Your Internet Service Provider could be responsible for sluggish internet performance. Typically, these companies will slow down traffic during peak hours, or when they detect bandwidth-heavy activities. To prevent this, you are welcome to use tools like Atlas VPN. This convenient app will help you protect your traffic from your ISP’s negative influence.


The Japanese have set the bar. However, there’s still some time to go before we see general users get the benefits of 6G. For an immediate improvement in your internet speeds, implement the handy tips we shared with you. Remember, a wired connection is always faster and the positioning of your router matters a lot. Boost your internet speed for a happier experience.