Commercial quantum computer debuts in Japan

NHK -- Jul 28
An ultra-high-speed computer, known as a "quantum computer," has started operating for commercial use in Japan.

The computer was developed by IBM. It is only the second one outside the US, following one in Germany.

The IBM Quantum System One is what is known as a gate-model quantum computer. It has been installed in a facility in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.

It takes the shape of a 3-meter cube, and is set in a special room that cuts noise and vibration. A cylinder in the front houses the processor. It is chilled to around minus 270 degrees Celsius to maximize its calculating power.

A quantum computer is capable of making a vast amounts of calculations in just minutes -- something that would take conventional supercomputers thousands of years.

The University of Tokyo is taking the lead to study how it can be used by businesses. Firms from the finance, auto and chemical sectors are signing up for the project.