Catch quota for Pacific bluefin tuna may be raised

NHK -- Jul 30
Delegates to an international conference on the management of bluefin tuna stocks in the Pacific Ocean have agreed to raise the catch quota for large fish in its western and central waters.

The agreed increase in the quota will become official if it is upheld by three more international meetings this year.

The three-day online talks ended on Thursday. The participants included representatives from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico and the United States.

The delegates agreed to increase the catch quota for large bluefin tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean by 15 percent. The areas include waters near Japan. The deal would expand Japan's quota by 732 tons if it is finalized.

The participants also agreed to maintain the current quota for small bluefin tuna.

Japan had proposed a 20-percent hike in the quota during the meeting, saying stocks of the fish have been recovering.

A senior official of Japan's Fisheries Agency said caution is still required as the agreement needs to pass more procedures. She added the agency will work to make the deal official. - NHK






 来月以降に開かれる年次会合で議論され、反対する国がなければ正式に決定します。 - ANNnewsCH