IOC calls for all-out anti-infection measures

NHK -- Aug 03
The International Olympic Committee has released a statement outlining the specifics of the expanded coronavirus state of emergency that came into effect in some areas in Japan on Monday.

The state of emergency has been expanded to Osaka and three prefectures neighboring Tokyo due to a rapid surge in the number of cases in these areas.

Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures, bordering Tokyo, all host Olympic venues.

The emergency period in Tokyo was extended till the end of the month.

A quasi-state of emergency now covers the northern prefecture of Hokkaido, where the marathon and race walking events will be held.

In the statement, the IOC explained the moves to delegations, international sporting bodies, the media and other participants of the Games, while again calling for all-out anti-infection measures.

The IOC and Tokyo Olympic organizers say they will call on parties involved including athletes who ended their events to heed the rules as the number of new infections continue to soar in Japan.