Coronavirus-infected woman in Japan gives birth at home after hospitals refuse her; baby dies -- Aug 20
KASHIWA, Chiba — A woman eight months pregnant and infected with the novel coronavirus gave birth at home in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, after medical institutions would not admit her.

Her newborn baby died, the city government announced Thursday.

The woman in her 30s is not in critical condition, it said.

According to the city government, the woman was confirmed to be positive for the virus on Aug. 11. She had a fever and a cough, but her symptoms were mild, so she was recuperating alone at her home in the city.

When the city public health center called to check on her condition on Tuesday morning, she complained of abdominal cramps and bleeding. The center asked medical institutions in the area to accept her, but all of them responded that they could not accept her.


千葉県柏市で17日、自宅で療養中だった30代の妊婦が出血したものの、受け入れ先の病院が見つからず、自宅で出産した赤ちゃんが死亡していたことがわかりました。詳しい経緯をみていきます。 - ANNnewsCH