Paralympic symbol arrives in Tokyo Bay

NHK -- Aug 21
A giant symbol of the Tokyo Paralympics has arrived in Tokyo Bay, with the Games' opening scheduled for Tuesday.

The monument was installed on a barge in Tokyo's Odaiba Marine Park on Friday morning. The symbol painted in red, blue and green measures more than 23 meters wide and is over 17 meters high.

It will be on display until the closing of the Paralympics on September 5, and will be lit up daily from 7 p.m. through 5 a.m.

But officials of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are urging people not to visit the site and to view the symbol through the media instead.

That's because the capital is under a coronavirus state of emergency. The rapid spread of infections is jeopardizing the local health care system. - NHK

4日後に開幕を迎えるパラリンピックのシンボルが、東京・お台場の海上に設置されました。  20日午前7時半ごろ、お台場の海に現れたのは巨大なパラリンピックのシンボルです。 - ANNnewsCH