Foreign substances found in another Moderna lot

NHK -- Aug 29
Foreign substances have been found in another lot of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine. They were spotted at a large vaccination center in the southern prefecture of Okinawa on Saturday.

A pharmacist spotted black substances in a syringe with the vaccination dose.

Later, another syringe and a vial were found to be containing black substances. And pink substances were found in a different syringe filled with vaccine.

Okinawa Prefecture halted vaccination at the site and it remains suspended on Sunday.

On Thursday, Japan's ministry of health suspended the use of doses from three lots as foreign substances had been found in unopened vials of the Moderna vaccine at multiple vaccination sites.

The three lots were made at the same factory during the same period. Foreign substances were found in one of the lots and none were found in two others.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, which handles distribution in Japan, will analyze the situation and look into the possibility of contamination during the production process.

It will decide on what responses should be taken in coordination with the ministry.

アメリカ・モデルナ製の新型コロナワクチンを巡って28日、沖縄県で使用の見合わせが要請されているロット番号ではない製品から新たに異物の混入が見つかりました。  異物の混入が見つかったのは那覇市の沖縄県広域ワクチン接種センターです。  沖縄県によりますと、午後、使用前の検査の際にワクチンの瓶1本、注射器3本から異物が目視で見つかりました。  いずれも厚生労働省が使用の見合わせを要請したロット番号ではない製品でした。  沖縄県では厚生労働省に報告するとともに、この会場のワクチン接種を中止しました。  今のところ健康被害の報告は入っていません。  モデルナ製のワクチンを巡っては異物混入があったとして、厚生労働省がこれまでに3つのロット番号の使用見合わせを要請しています。 - ANNnewsCH