Couple arrested after 18-year-old girl found dead in Yamanashi

Japan Today -- Sep 01
A couple in their 20s were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of disposing of the body of an 18-year-old Tokyo high school girl in Yamanashi Prefecture after she went missing over the weekend, police said.

Shohei Komori, 27, and his wife Izumi, 28, who live in Gunma Prefecture, have admitted to dumping the body of Kana Washino, the Tokyo police said. The couple also said they killed the girl in a storage shed, according to investigative sources.

Komori said he had become acquainted with Washino about two years ago through Twitter, and that his wife became jealous after finding out about it, the sources said. He told investigators he called Washino to meet with him and his wife.

After going missing on Saturday, Washino, a senior at a private high school and a resident of Tokyo's Sumida Ward, was found dead in the storage shed in a mountain area with blood around her chest.

The police said they found four stab wounds on the back of Washino's body as well as a rope and a mark around her neck suggesting she had been strangled. They did not discover any sharp objects likely used in the stabbings.

東京・墨田区の女子高校生が山梨県で遺体で見つかった事件で、警視庁は31日に死体遺棄の疑いで20代の女を逮捕しました。  逮捕されたのは群馬県渋川市の20代の女です。  墨田区の高校3年・鷲野花夏さん(18)は、28日に自宅を出てから行方が分からなくなり、31日午前2時ごろ、山梨県早川町の建物で遺体で見つかりました。  警視庁によりますと、鷲野さんは28日に墨田区内で車に乗ったことが分かっています。 - ANNnewsCH