Three Vietnamese arrested over fake bill use

NHK -- Sep 09
Police in Tokyo have arrested three Vietnamese people on suspicion of using counterfeit 10,000 yen banknotes. The bills resemble an old version that features a portrait of ancient Prince Shotoku.

The suspects allegedly used one fake note each at four convenience stores in Tokyo's Nakano Ward last month. All three suspects are in their 20s and live in Tokyo.

The police seized about 130 counterfeit bills from the suspects' homes and other places. They are investigating how the bills were obtained. The police have not disclosed whether the three have admitted to the charges.

From August 21, the police have received reports from convenience stores and other businesses in Tokyo of the use of what appeared to be counterfeit bills. A total of 142 such bills were found to have been used at 130 stores.

Some of the bills were examined and confirmed to be counterfeit.

東京都内で偽の旧1万円札が大量に使われてベトナム人の男女3人が逮捕された事件で、3人の所持品や自宅から130枚の偽札が押収されていたことが分かりました。 - ANNnewsCH