Tropical Storm Chanthu batters Japan

NHK -- Sep 18
People across Japan are bracing for some potentially catastrophic weather. Tropical storm Chanthu has brought driving rain and lashing winds to western and central parts of the country. It made landfall in Kyushu on Friday evening and is barreling to the east.

Officials urge people in the storm's path to be alert for landslides and flooding. An evacuation order was in place for about 12,000 residents in the west as of 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Thousands of homes have lost power.

The storm is disrupting transportation services. Some Shinkansen bullet train routes and local lines are suspended. And more than 300 flights to and from Kyushu have been canceled.

Chanthu is expected to weaken early Sunday.

Officials say people should still be alert for possible flooding.