ANA to increase international flights

Nikkei -- Sep 15
Japanese airline All Nippon Airways is increasing international flights to meet recovering travel demand in North America and Asia, the company announced on Tuesday.

Flights from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Seattle in the U.S. will resume in December. There will be one round trip every week from Dec. 4 to the end of the 2021, covering the beginning of the winter holiday season.

As ANA sees more demand for business trips, the airline has revised its flight plans from Oct. 31 through Jan. 11 2022. Flights from Haneda to New York will increase to seven round trips per week, up from five in October, as the number of travelers from Japan to the U.S. have increased.

Flights between Japan's Narita Airport and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam will increase by two flights to five trips a week during the same period. Return flights between Narita and Jakarta in Indonesia will also increase by two per week, to five.

Flights to and from Europe will also increase, partly due to an increase in freight transport for sectors including automobiles. Flights between Haneda and London, Haneda and Paris, and Narita and Brussels will each increase by one return trip a week. Haneda and Frankfurt flights will increase by three rounds a week.