Cup Noodle marks 50th anniversary

NHK -- Sep 20
Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of Nissin Foods' Cup Noodle.

On September 18, 1971, Japan's leading instant noodle maker launched a product that could be eaten three minutes after adding hot water. The ease of preparation invited competition from many other food companies.

Domestic production of cup-type instant noodles has become about 1,000 times larger over the past half century. The flavors have been changed over the years to meet the needs of the times.

New products have recently been put on the market as consumers become increasingly health conscious.

Noodles that are rich in protein and low in carbohydrates have been introduced.

There are also low-sodium noodles and others with as much dietary fiber as a whole lettuce.

More food manufacturers are switching from plastic to paper containers to respond to greater environmental awareness among consumers.

Nissin's brand manager, Shirasawa Tsutomu, says his company hopes to introduce new products that meet the demand created by changing lifestyles.