OECD: Japan lowest in women studying science

NHK -- Sep 21
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released an annual report titled "Education at a Glance." Its data showed that among its member countries, Japan had the lowest ratio of female entrants into tertiary education studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics in 2019.

In natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, the ratio of female students in Japan was the lowest at 27 percent, compared with the OECD average of 52 percent. Slovakia led with 65 percent.

In engineering, manufacturing and construction, Japan's ratio was 16 percent. That was 23 points fewer than Iceland, which topped the list. The OECD average was 26 percent.

Stressing the high level of Japanese women's knowledge and ability, the OECD noted the effects of the strong imposition of stereotypical images for women's career options in Japan, and the lack of role models in science fields.

Amid its population decline, Japan faces the challenge of increasing women working in the sciences to advance technological innovation, and to sustain growth.