Komeito proposes Y100,000 handout for residents under 19

Japan Times -- Sep 23
Komeito, a member of Japan’s ruling coalition, Tuesday released its first set of policy pledges for the upcoming general election, including a Y100,000 cash handout for those under age 19.

The party hopes to include the cash benefit in a fresh coalition agreement it plans to conclude with its partner, the Liberal Democratic Party, after the LDP elects its new leader Sept. 29.

Komeito aims to secure necessary funds for the measure under a supplementary budget expected to be drawn up after this autumn’s Lower House election.

The policy pledges, which cover the areas of child rearing and education, were announced by Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi stressed the need for additional assistance to child-rearing households facing heavier financial burdens amid the prolonged coronavirus crisis.

公明党の山口代表は、次の衆議院選挙の公約として18歳までのすべての子どもに1人あたり10万円を給付することを掲げると、発表しました。対象者はおよそ1,980万人で、新型コロナの影響で子育て世帯の支出が増加傾向にあることから、所得制限を設けないとしています。また給付の方法は現金のほか、ポイントの活用を含めて今後、検討したいとしています。 - テレ東BIZ