Chopstick: A necessity in Japanese culture

ANI News -- Sep 25
Chopstick has been used by people for more than three thousand years in Japan. But in this kindergarten in Tokyo, there is a new experience for children who enjoy using them while eating their meals.
The start of using chopstick in Japan is a mystery. Some people say it came from China, but Japanese people have perfected using it for many purposes, and have even special culture and custom related to them. This company has been making handmade chopstick for over a hundred years, and they have good advice about how to choose the best chopstick size to fit the hand. There are many shapes and designs for Chopsticks and it is up to the customer to choose the one that matches their taste and feel. There is also a special foldable set of chopstick. Another interesting thing about these chopsticks is that it is made by recycled baseball bat. And to promote the use of chopstick culture there is a special association of chopstick teacher who visits school to teach children the right way to use it as they are part of Japanese culture and important item to enjoy Japanese traditional food and cuisine Washoku. Chopstick in Japan is used in many ways, like to catch, cut or scoop. Many countries are interested in learning about Japanese chopstick culture and their unique usage.