Honda to launch EV brand, models in China in 2022

NHK -- Oct 15
Honda Motor is planning to expand its presence in China with new models of electric vehicles under a new brand.

The e:N Series is slated to make its debut in spring 2022. Honda will be rolling out two EV models.

The firm says the lineup will expand to 10 models over the next five years. It is considering exporting some of these cars from China.

Honda is also planning to build two dedicated plants in the country. The aim is to start operations in 2024. Honda's goal is to convert its entire global lineup to electricity or fuel-cell power by 2040.

Other Japanese automakers are introducing eco-friendly models in the world's biggest market.

Toyota plans to increase its EV models from the current six to 15 in China, as well as in North America and other markets by 2025.

Nissan plans to roll out nine EV and hybrid models by 2025.