Yahoo Japan uses AI to hide user post function

NHK -- Oct 20
Yahoo Japan says it has begun using AI to assess posts on online news articles from users and shut down the comment function in cases where there are defamatory, offensive, or irrelevant postings.

Each Yahoo news article has a space for comments. Seven years ago, the firm began using artificial intelligence in addition to human monitors to spot and delete comments that violate its rules.

This has allowed inappropriate material to slip through on occasion, prompting the company to decide on the use of AI to assess each posting and shut down the comment function for articles that attract too many offending posts.

The new AI setup went into operation on Tuesday. Beginning on the same day, anyone who tries to comment on news related to Japan's upcoming Lower House election will be warned of possible legal violations if they put up false or defamatory postings.

Yahoo Japan says it will carefully analyze the effectiveness of the new arrangement and continue to consult experts and canvass users on possible improvements as it works to create a suitable environment for online speech.

ヤフーニュースのコメント欄への書き込みについて、誹謗中傷の対策が強化されます。 - TBS NEWS