5 found dead in minivan in suspected group suicide in Niigata Prefecture

Japan Today -- Oct 21
Five people were found dead in a minivan in Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture, on Tuesday, in what police believe was a joint suicide.

Police received a call at around 11 a.m. from a passerby, saying there were five unresponsive passengers in a minivan in a parking lot, Sankei Shimbun reported. When police arrived at the scene, they found three women and two men in the vehicle.

All five were confirmed dead. Police said it appeared they had died from carbon monoxide poisoning after they found remnants of burnt charcoal briquettes inside the vehicle. The windows were sealed shut.

Police said the three women were in their 20s and the two men were in their 30s. None of the passengers had visible injuries inflicted on their bodies. ...continue reading

新潟県湯沢町の駐車場に止めてあった車の中で男女5人が死亡しているのが発見されました。  車が止まっていたのは湯沢町の国道17号沿いの駐車場で、19日午前11時ごろ、近所の人から「車の中で人が死んでいるようだ」と通報がありました。  警察が駆け付けたところ、20代から30代の男性2人、女性3人を発見。いずれもその場で死亡が確認されました。  消防によりますと、車内からは練炭が発見されたということです。  警察が5人の身元や死因を調べています。 - ANNnewsCH