Annual children's sumo event held in Tokyo

NHK -- Oct 25
Around 130 elementary school students took part in an annual sumo event in Tokyo's Sumida Ward on Saturday.

The competition has been running for about 40 years but was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. Sumida is home to the famous Ryogoku Kokugikan, considered the spiritual heart of the sumo world.

Participating children entered the ring after producing negative antigen test results.

Those in the third-grade division drew cheers from spectators as they engaged in heated bouts, pushing and locking arms with each other.

The boy who won the division said he was glad the event was held as other sumo competitions had been canceled.

Nishizuka Itaru of Sumida's public health center says efforts to revitalize the community must go hand in hand with preventive measures, and that his organization will continue helping to ensure that local events are held safely.

東京・墨田区で40年ほど前から行われている「わんぱく相撲大会」。2年ぶりの開催には約130人の小学生が参加しました。墨田区保健所の全面協力のもと、陰性証明書を発行したのち相撲を取るほか、参加人数を例年の半数以下にしたり、会場を屋外にしたり、感染対策を徹底したうえでの実施です。 - ANNnewsCH