Tourists gradually returning to Kyoto

NHK -- Oct 25
In Japan, coronavirus restrictions are being lifted across the nation.

In Kyoto Prefecture in western Japan, restaurants and bars have been allowed to operate without restrictions on serving alcohol and operating hours for the first time in about six months.

This weekend, families and student groups on school excursions were seen strolling in the Arashiyama area, one of Kyoto's popular tourist spots.

A woman who came from Tokyo with her family said they decided to visit Kyoto after coronavirus cases started to decline. She said she is enjoying great food.

Local souvenir shops have seen a gradual return of tourists, especially young ones, but they say tourists are not spending as much as before.

A senior official of one such business says he has not seen sales rising to correspond with an increase in tourist traffic. He called on the government to take measures that help stimulate consumption.