Japanese rice tastier due to global warming, says Aso

Japan Today -- Oct 26
Former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso said Monday that rice on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido "has become tastier thanks to (global) warming," a remark likely to raise eyebrows of climate campaigners.

People often associate a warming climate with negative developments, but there is "something good," said the 81-year-old politician, who until recently had served as finance minister for nearly nine years. He made the remarks while giving a stump speech in Hokkaido's Otaru for a Liberal Democratic Party candidate running in Sunday's general election.

Aso, currently vice president of the ruling party, said rice in Hokkaido "used to be unsalable" but is now tastier and even exported "because of higher temperatures."

"This is a reality," he said in front of voters.

自民党の麻生太郎副総裁は25日、北海道小樽市で衆院選の公認候補と街頭演説し「温暖化のおかげで北海道のコメがうまくなった」などと発言した。地球温暖化を肯定するような発言で、波紋を呼びそうだ。 - Kyodo