Typhoon Malou may be closest to Ogasawara Friday

NHK -- Oct 29
Typhoon Malou is expected to be closest to Japan's Ogasawara Islands in the Pacific from Thursday evening through Friday while maintaining its strength. People in the region are advised to be on alert for violent winds, high waves and mudslides.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of 6 p.m. on Thursday, the typhoon was over waters 180 kilometers south of the islands' Chichijima. It is believed to be moving north-northeast at 25 kilometers per hour.

The typhoon's central atmospheric pressure is 965 hectopascals, and its maximum wind speed is 126 kilometers per hour at its center. Its maximum instantaneous wind velocity is 180 kilometers. 30.5 millimeters of rain fell on Chichijima over a one-hour period through 5 p.m.

Weather officials warn of stronger gusts reaching up to 198 kilometers in maximum instantaneous velocity over the islands through early Friday. They say the typhoon could knock down trees on the islands and blow parts of buildings away. Ten-meter-high waves are expected offshore.

The officials also warn of rough seas off the Izu Islands, which are far from the course of the typhoon.

Torrential rain is also expected through Friday morning. Precipitation over a 24-hour period through Friday evening is expected to reach 180 millimeters.

The Meteorological Agency is calling on people to be vigilant for possible stormy winds, high waves, mudslides, flooding in low-lying areas and swollen rivers.

People are advised to refrain from going outside and to move to sturdy buildings to ensure safety.