Japan issues new 500-yen coins

NHK -- Nov 02
Japan has started issuing new 500-yen coins, made with the latest anti-counterfeiting technology. It's the coin's first revamp in more than two decades.

The Bank of Japan began using the coins on Monday in payments to financial institutions.

They are the same size and have a similar design to the previous coins, but are made with three types of metal. The old version is made solely of nickel.

The new coin is also designed with intricate details to prevent counterfeiting. It features two distinct sections, a silver central portion and a golden outer ring, which the Mint says is hard to replicate. And the exterior rim is marked with irregular ridges. The old coins have even markings.

The Finance Ministry had initially planned to put the coins into circulation around September. But the rollout was pushed back as the pandemic led to delays in modification work on ATMs.

The ministry will issue 200 million new 500-yen coins in the current fiscal year through March.

21年ぶりとなる、新しい500円硬貨が1日に発行された。 最先端の偽造防止技術の製造現場を取材した。 - FNNプライムオンライン