Occasions Where Flowers Make Great Gifts In Japan

newsonjapan.com -- Nov 04
Apart from being an epitome of beauty, flowers can be associated with beauty, hope, strength, and good yield.

For those who know the Asian country well, japan will often pop up in mind whenever they lay their eyes on the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) or Chrysanthemum (Kiku). The Japanese generally have a vibrant social and celebratory culture, which has notably been influenced by the West over the years. In most cases, events and holidays here are characterized by the offering of floral arrangements and bouquets. Let’s look at some notable events where flowers make great gifts in japan.

1. Special Occasions

Flowers, like in many other nations, are a significant part of gift-giving etiquette in Japan. Women adore them, and many people give them as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and other occasions. Consider sending traditional roses, chrysanthemums, and tulips for any occasion to make a lasting impression. The good thing is that you can always find flowers on sale online and order them for doorstep delivery regardless of your location. The options are also endless, whether you want farm-fresh, fortified, dried, or preserved flowers.

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, observed on February 14th around the world, has become a Japanese tradition. It is extremely popular among younger Japanese who are more Western-oriented. Every year, young Japanese couples, flowers, sweets, and stuffed plush toys. The symbolism is very nearly identical. Flowers have the same meanings and symbols of love in Japan as they do in the West.

The Red Rose is inarguably the king of Valentine's Day floral arrangements. Tube roses are also quite popular, whereas carnations and lilies also make great alternatives competing for the attention of Japanese consumers. To make a big impression on Valentine's Day, consider ordering an extravagant arrangement ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

3. Women’s Day

If a man's stomach is the way to his heart, flowers are unquestionably the route to a woman's heart. Consequently, nothing beats flowers as a way to appreciate or honor the woman in your life on Women's Day. This day is celebrated worldwide each year, and Japan is not an exception.

Now, depending on your relationship with the recipient, the greatest method to demonstrate your care is to give them a floral arrangement. Consider red roses for your girlfriend or wife (and lots of them). If you want to express your gratitude to a coworker or employer, consider a bouquet or arrangement of fresh seasonal flowers.

4. Mother's Day

All over the planet, people value and cherish their moms. Is Japan any different? The best part is that in this East Asian coastal country, Mother's Day happens to occur during the blooming season of flowers. This creates an opportunity to appreciate the mom in your life with the most beautiful flowers.

When combined with Gerberas, Carnations, or seasonal flowers, Red, White or Yellow Roses become even more beautiful and symbolic. A heartwarming gift of a Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant can be another wonderful way to show your mom how much she means to you. A fruit basket or hamper with your floral arrangement will also make a lovely Mother's Day gift.

5. Christmas

Christmas in Japan (like in any other country) is a time to spend with family. It is undoubtedly one of the more popular celebrations, and one of the finest ways to commemorate it is by giving flowers to your friends, family, and loved ones. It's simple to find the perfect flowers...

The festival's flavor is red, white, and pink roses, which represent love. Carnations, alstroemeria, gerberas, and hydrangeas all make great additions to a festive arrangement. To add a festive taste to the season, you can accompany the flowers with an appetizing treat gift like a fresh fruit hamper, cake, or chocolate.

To sum it up, flowers are a symbolic, historical, and cultural element in Japanese occasions. They are often given in floral arrangements, solely or accompanied with other gifts. Nonetheless, understanding Japanese flower meanings can help you pick the best flowers for any occasion. For instance, red roses symbolize romance, whereas red carnations are great for familial love. White flowers are common when showing sympathy and during mourning, whereas Sunflowers signify adoration and loyalty.