Entertainer Tsuyoshi Shinjo returns to change Fighters, Japan pro baseball

Kyodok -- Nov 05
New Nippon Ham Fighters manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo said Thursday he has returned to his former team "to change Nippon Ham and with a desire to change pro baseball."
Speaking at a press conference after signing a one-year contract for a reported 100 million yen ($877,000), the popular 49-year-old former outfielder introduced himself with a few jokes before answering questions from the media. "Honestly speaking, I was more surprised than anyone (by the offer)," said Shinjo, who will wear his old No. 1. "On one hand, I wondered if it was OK for me to do it. On the other, I thought maybe I was the only one for the job." The Fighters have finished fifth in the six-team Pacific League for three seasons now, but as with his choice of clothes, a bright reddish suit and white shirt with an outlandishly large collar, Shinjo spouted an unexpected philosophy. "I'm absolutely not going to aspire to win the championship," he said. "If you have too high a goal, it might not work. You win one game by staying loose, then win another and so on. In that way, if you're in the pennant race in September, you can say, 'Well let's try to win it all.'"