Japanese giant Toshiba announces breakup plan

BBC -- Nov 12
Japanese conglomerate Toshiba has confirmed plans to split the company into three separate businesses.

Toshiba said the three companies would be focused on infrastructure, semiconductors and devices.

The company has come under increasing pressure from activist investors to make changes since an accounting scandal in 2015.

This week, US giant General Electric announced a similar strategy that will see the historic company broken up.

Toshiba's plan will see it spin off two core businesses - its energy and infrastructure unit as well as its device and storage operation.

After shedding those two companies, Toshiba will continue to own a 40.6% stake in memory chipmaker Kioxia as well as other assets.

It expects to complete the reorganisation by the second half of 2023.

The move is aimed to increase the stock market valuations of Toshiba's different businesses after facing pressure from shareholders.

But some analysts are concerned about the timescale for the changes.

"The move is in the right direction, but it seems slow," said Atul Goyal of investment bank Jeffries, who would have preferred a timeline of three-to-six months.

"2023 is a long way out and we are not sure what else will change between now and then."

Toshiba is one of Japan's oldest and largest firms, with divisions that range from home electronics to nuclear power stations.

However, the company has faced wrenching changes in recent years as it dealt with the fallout of an accounting scandal and huge losses linked to its US nuclear unit.

日本の大企業で初めて会社を3つに分割する方針を決定しました。 - ANNnewsCH