Season's coldest morning recorded around Japan

NHK -- Nov 29
Many places from northern to western Japan marked the coldest morning of the season on Monday.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says clear skies were seen over wide areas of the country. As there were almost no clouds to prevent heat from radiating from the ground into space, surface temperatures dropped early in the morning.

The coldest temperatures of the season were observed in 469 locations across the nation. That number represents about half of the agency's observation points.

A temperature of minus 14.8 degrees Celsius was recorded in Sugadaira, Nagano Prefecture. That was the lowest temperature reported in the country on Monday.

Asahikawa City in Hokkaido recorded a temperature of minus 7.6 degrees. It was minus 2.8 degrees in Iwate Prefecture's Morioka City. The temperature dropped to 2.1 degrees in the cities of Nagoya and Tottori, 4 degrees in central Tokyo and 4.6 degrees in Osaka City.

The first frost and ice of the season were observed in the capitals of some prefectures. Toyama, Nara, Kyoto and Kanazawa were among those capital cities.

The agency is asking drivers to be on the alert for traffic disruptions caused by icy roads and the accumulation of snow.

29日朝は全国各地で今シーズン最も寒い朝を迎え、およそ半分の観測地点で0度を下回りました。この寒さで全国各地から冬の便りが届いています。  強い寒気の影響で、長野県菅平ではマイナス14.8度を観測し、今シーズン全国で最も寒い朝を迎えています。  最低気温が0度を下回る冬日の地点数は今シーズン最も多い466地点となり、水戸や盛岡でも氷点下の冷え込みとなっています。  また、東京の多摩川では、冷たい空気が暖かい水面に流れ込み発生するけあらしが見られました。  冷え込みは各地で厳しく奈良や大分など西日本でも最低気温が5度を下回り、初霜や初氷といった冬の便りも続々と届いています。  30日朝は少し冷え込みが緩みますが、今週の後半は再び厳しい冷え込みとなりそうです。 - ANNnewsCH