Ghosn criticizes Japan's prosecution system as discriminatory

日本の司法制度「不公正」 ゴーン被告、逃亡正当化

Kyodo -- Dec 07
Former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn, who fled Japan in 2019 before facing trial over alleged financial misconduct, on Monday reiterated his innocence in a virtual press conference and criticized Japan's prosecution system as being blatantly discriminatory.
Ghosn, who jumped bail and escaped to Lebanon, justified his getaway by noting that his arrest in 2018 and subsequent treatment had been a violation of his human rights under the country's legal system.

Dec 07 (Kyodo) - 元日産自動車会長カルロス・ゴーン被告は6日、日本外国特派員協会(東京)のオンライン記者会見で、日本の司法制度は不公正で差別的だと改めて非難した。「世界水準になるよう変えなければならない。制度が日本を危険な国にしている」と主張した。

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