Features of Nodachi Swords

newsonjapan.com -- Dec 08
In Japanese history and culture, the use and appreciation for the nodachi sword have been practiced for a long time.
In the early era of their history, the nodachi sword stood out from the traditional swords and was used only by the more experienced samurai soldiers. Let's look at the features of the sword, which makes it different and unique from other swords.

The use of nodachi sword

Nodachi swords came into being back in the early periods of Japanese history, around the time of 1603 to 1867. During this period, many wars were fought on the battlefield using various types of swords, but the one that the majority of samurai soldiers had placed a great value in was the Nodachi sword. The sword, besides being used on the battlefield, was also commonly held and brought in ceremonial areas as a sign of strength and courage.

Features of the sword

The reason why the Nodachi sword stood out from the other traditional swords out there is due to its long length, which measures up to 90.9 cm. Besides the long length, the sword has a weight that ranges from 2.2kg to 14.5kg, which means only the strongest of soldiers can carry and use it properly. Another striking feature of this sword is that it is made of carbon steel and has tilt which is made of wood with a silk finish for a better grip.

The use of nodachi sword

The word nodachi translates to a great sword in English, which Japanese people take great pride in. Due to the sword's long length and weight, the samurai soldiers who were privileged enough to carry it could only do so on their backs. On long journeys, the soldiers would carry it in their hands while riding a horse.

Are nodachi swords used today?

Due to its immense value and great significance in the history of Japanese wars, the Nodachi swords are still being manufactured by the hands of experienced and licensed craftsmen. The experts use both the traditional method as well as adding a mix of modern methods to ensure its strength. The nodachi sword can be bought off of various websites.

Production of Nodachi sword

Since the sword has the feature of being heavy and long, the production is quite a difficult process as long, and complex heat treatment is to be given for strength. Besides heating, the method of polishing is different as it needs to be hung and be stationary. Due to these factors, the sword holds immense value in the eyes of Japanese soldiers and people.

Price of nodachi sword

Due to its high production value and hard work that needs to be given in order for a smooth and strong word, the price of the nodachi sword stands out from the rest of the traditional swords out there today. The price of the nodachi sword may range from $500 up to $700. Although not many people around the world own this great Japanese piece, the Nodachi sword is still talked about in high praise and value.


Owning a historical piece of nodachi sword is not only seen as a sign of courage, masculinity, and intellect but also shows the utmost respect given to it. Not many words from the early era of countries are still being used today; however, this is not the case with the nodachi sword due to its strong lifespan and strength.