Four more Omicron variant cases confirmed in Japan

NHK -- Dec 14
Japan has confirmed four more cases of infection with the Omicron coronavirus variant among arrivals in the country.

The four new cases were announced on Monday, bringing the total number of confirmed Omicron cases in Japan to 17.

Health ministry officials say the four individuals tested positive for the coronavirus upon arrival at the airport between December 6 and 9.

Further analyses of their samples by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases confirmed they had Omicron.

The four are: a man in his 40's who arrived in Narita Airport last Monday after staying in Nigeria; a woman in her 20's who arrived at Kansai Airport on Wednesday after staying in the United States; a man in his 30's who arrived at Narita Airport also on Wednesday after staying in Kenya; and a man in his 20's who arrived at Haneda Airport on Thursday after staying in the United States.

Officials say all four are being treated in medical or other facilities.

They say three of them received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and have no symptoms.

The officials are checking whether the remaining person has been vaccinated.

There were about 350 other passengers on the same flights as the four infected individuals and they are being regarded as having had close contact with them.

They say the passengers will be required to quarantine at accommodations for 14 days following their arrivals.

厚生労働省は、新型コロナのオミクロン株に新たに4人が感染したと発表しました。空港の検疫で感染が確認されたということです。 - ANNnewsCH