Singer Kanda Sayaka dies after fall from hotel

NHK -- Dec 20
Japanese singer and actress Kanda Sayaka has died following an apparent fall from her room at a high-rise hotel in the northern city of Sapporo. Police are looking into the possibility of suicide.

She was found in an outdoor space of the 14th floor of the hotel at around 1 p.m. on Saturday. She later died at a hospital.

Kanda cancelled her performance at a musical play on Saturday, citing illness.

The 35-year-old actress is a daughter of actor Kanda Masaki and singer Matsuda Seiko.

In addition to stage play, she won nationwide popularity when she did the voice of Anna in the Japanese version of the Disney animation movie "Frozen."

The agency of Japanese singer Matsuda Seiko has released a statement about the death of her daughter, the singer and actress Kanda Sayaka.

The statement on the website of Matsuda's record company says her daughter has passed away and she is unable to accept the reality.

Disney offered its condolences on its official Twitter account. Kanda was the voice of Anna in the Japanese version of the animated film, "Frozen."

The tweet says Kanda told the story of and gave life to Anna with her emotional expressiveness and beautiful, clear voice.

Disney also posted a comment by actress Matsu Takako, who was the voice of Anna's sister, Elsa, in the movie.

Matsu says she is lost for words and the time she spent dubbing the Japanese version of Frozen with Kanda is irreplaceable for her.

Japan's health ministry is calling on people with emotional difficulties to reach out to consultation services.

歌手で俳優の神田沙也加さんが18日、滞在先の札幌市内のホテルで倒れているのが見つかり、搬送先の病院で亡くなりました。35歳でした。 - ANNnewsCH