Japan launches vaccine certification app

NHK -- Dec 21
The Japanese government has launched a smartphone app that enables people to show proof that they've been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Users scan a national identification number card with a smartphone, and the app shows their inoculation status.

Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward has set up a booth at its office to provide help for those having trouble using the app.

Officials say they will issue paper certificates to residents who do not have the ID card or a smartphone.

Should another coronavirus state of emergency be declared, the government plans to forgo social distancing restrictions at restaurants, bars and event venues so long as people can present vaccination certificates.

The information on the app is based on the data stored on the nationwide vaccination record system.

But errors have been found in about 100,000 cases as of Friday.

ワクチン接種をスマートフォンで証明できる「接種証明書アプリ」の運用が始まりました。登録にはマイナンバーカードが必要となりますが、その普及率はおよそ4割にとどまっています。 - ANNnewsCH