Daihatsu to electrify all new vehicles by 2030

the-japan-news.com -- Dec 21
Daihatsu Motor Co. said Monday that all of its new models for the domestic market will be electric vehicles (EV) or hybrids by 2030.

The company also said it plans to launch an electric mini-vehicle by 2025. Utilizing subsidies from central and local governments, Daihatsu aims to offer the vehicle at about ¥1 million in real terms. The plan suggests that moves to electrify mini-vehicles, which account for about 40% of Japan’s new car market, are also accelerating

“As carbon neutrality is being actively discussed, we will increase our EVs as much as possible,” Daihatsu President Soichiro Okudaira said Monday at a press conference in Tokyo.

Toyota Motor Corp., Daihatsu’s parent company, has announced its goal of achieving global sales of 3.5 million EVs in 2030. Daihatsu’s electric mini-vehicles are included in the 3.5 million, but Okudaira did not mention how many of them will be Daihatsu vehicles.

自動車メーカーの「ダイハツ工業」は、2030年までに国内で販売する新車を全て電動化すると発表しました。 - TBS NEWS