Suspect In Deadly Osaka Building Arson 2 Weeks Ago Dies -- Dec 31
The suspect in a deadly building arson in the western Japan city of Osaka about two weeks ago died on Thursday, making it hard to unravel motives behind the attack, which killed 25 other people.

The suspect, Morio Tanimoto, who was 61, had burns on his face, arms and legs in the fire and was taken to a hospital in state of cardiopulmonary arrest. He resuscitated later but remained in a critical condition, leaving police unable to question him.

The fire occurred at a clinic in a multi-tenant building in the city’s Kita Ward in the morning of Dec. 17. Security camera footage shows that Tanimoto set the fire soon after arriving at the clinic and blocked people there from evacuating.

At the scene, 27 people were found without vital signs. Of them, 26 were discovered deep inside the clinic, and the other, Tanimoto, was lying near the entrance.

The police have so far confirmed no trouble between the clinic and the suspect, according to informed sources.

Although a diary was found where Tanimoto is believed to have lived in the same city’s Nishiyodogawa Ward, it contained nothing helpful in identifying his motives.

大阪・北新地のクリニックで25人が死亡した放火殺人事件で容疑者の61歳の男が死亡しました。 - ANNnewsCH