Mizuho hit by system failure despite pledge to improve operations


Kyodo -- Jan 02
Mizuho Bank said Friday it has failed to process some 300 money transfer requests following a temporary system failure the previous day that was its ninth this year.

The trouble occurred despite the bank, a unit of Mizuho Financial Group Inc., having pledged to prevent similar failures after Japan's financial authorities ordered it to improve operations in November.

Jan 02 (テレ東BIZ) - みずほ銀行は、きのう他の銀行宛ての振り込みが一時的にできなくなったシステムトラブルについて、およそ300件の入金手続きが間に合わず、きょう以降の処理になったと発表しました。 顧客に個別に連絡して対応するとしています。

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