Kishida Eager To Retain “Friendly Relations” With Abe -- Jan 04
Japanese Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio said in a radio program aired Monday that he will make efforts to retain “friendly relations” with former Prime Minister ABE Shinzo, who leads the largest faction of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Kishida said he is grateful that Abe has given him advice on diplomacy and other issues on many occasions.

As some observers say Kishida’s relationship with Abe has been shaky, with the two having had disagreements about the appointments of cabinet ministers and LDP executives last year, the prime minister apparently tried to clarify a stance that he will work on maintaining steady ties with the LDP heavyweight in hope of stabilizing the foundations of his administration.

Also in the radio program, recorded last Tuesday, Kishida said the outcome of this summer’s House of Councillors election will depend on to what extent his administration can achieve results in the fight against the novel coronavirus and efforts to revive the Japanese economy.