How to Play Casino Online in Japan With Crypto -- Jan 04
Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies are making their way to the top of the currencies’ popularity pyramid and are becoming somewhat mainstream.

Today, you can use digital currencies such as Bitcoin and even deposit that currency when gambling in an online casino, Japan being one of the countries that also use it.

Naturally, you’ll need a Bitcoin casino for that, which accepts all the cryptocurrencies available on our market. Yes, using cryptocurrencies for gambling is still in the phase of infancy, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t become a fashion trend in the future that everyone will switch to.

If you’re new to the whole notion of Bitcoin casinos, you probably have a lot of questions. Luckily, we’ve composed an easy guide on playing online casinos in Japan with cryptocurrencies.

Getting started with cryptocurrencies

For starters, you will have to set up a crypto wallet to enable funding of your account. The crypto wallet is necessary for holding and buying digital cryptocurrencies. Think of it as a piggy bank where you store your money.

Before you open your wallet, you need a payment provider. When you start buying your digital currency with the aid of an app, you’ll have to store your digital money in a hosted wallet. We call it “hosted” because a third party (the app) acts as an intermediary holding your money.

After setting up your wallet, you can buy crypto with your bank account or credit card. Beware that the values of crypto constantly fluctuate, and keeping track of real-time prices is necessary if you wish to buy coins at low prices.

How to play online casinos with crypto?

First thing’s first, when opening your casino account, you have to make a deposit. Find the “Cashier” section and click on “Deposit.” Now that you already have a crypto wallet, you should choose the cryptocurrency you need on the casino website and enter an email address linked to the crypto wallet you have. Make your deposit.

After that, you can gamble more securely and privately with extremely quick deposits and withdrawals. You’ll just need an email linked to the crypto wallet as we’ve already mentioned. Crypto casinos are the best option for those who enjoy privacy and safety. The withdrawal works much like deposit making. You go to the “Cashier” section and click “Withdraw” instead of “Deposit.”