Prime Minister Kishida lays out COVID priorities

NHK -- Jan 05
Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says Japan needs to prepare for a worst-case pandemic scenario. In his new year's address, the leader discussed how to stop a new coronavirus surge.

Kishida said, "I will make this year a year where we boldly take on any challenge and open up a new era. On the other hand, I will keep in mind the need for humility and handle situations delicately."

Kishida specifically laid out plans for protecting the health system. That includes the use of new oral treatments.

Kishida vowed to review requirements for hospitalization. He says the government is exploring ways to allow people to recuperate at home.

Kishida says the Omicron threat remains the government's top priority. Japan put in place strict border controls in response to the variant.

They virtually ban new entry for any foreigners.

Kishida says he will decide next week whether to continue or ease those measures after assessing the effect of year-end holidays on the situation.

岸田総理大臣は、感染が拡大している新型コロナウイルスのオミクロン株への対応について、陽性者を全員入院させる現在の措置を見直すと表明しました。 - ANNnewsCH