Students attend Okinawa schools on alternate days

NHK -- Jan 08
Students at public schools in the southwestern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa have begun attending school on alternate days amid a surge in coronavirus infections.

Oroku High School in the city of Naha separated students into two groups so they can attend classes on alternate days, starting from Friday.

School officials say students study on their own at home by receiving instructions online or watching livestreamed classes.

A teacher says the school had to decide on the move without being fully prepared, as the virus suddenly began to spread. He adds that he wants to do what he can do so that students can continue learning.

Okinawa's board of education says three junior high schools, 59 high schools, and 21 special needs schools operated by the prefecture have taken similar steps. Club activities have also been suspended at these schools, in principle.

The board says officials of two prefectural schools in the cities of Naha and Ishigaki have tested positive for the virus. The schools have been temporarily closed for two days through Friday to test people who have come into close contact with the infected officials.