Japan Celebrates Last Coming Of Age For 19- To 20-Year-Olds

thenewsmotion.com -- Jan 11
Monday was Coming-of-Age Day in Japan, which marks the passage from the teen years to adulthood with many new adults celebrating at the famous Meiji Shrine in central Tokyo.

Young women wore shimmering kimonos, but their faces were made up behind protective masks as they posed for commemorative photos. The young men mostly wore three-piece suits.

A procession of around 40 pilgrims dressed in traditional costumes passed through the east gate of Meiji Shrine before praying inside. The loose clothing was that of the Ogasawara clan, which was the same as the clothing worn for various rites of passage codified by Shinto rituals.

The Ogasawara clan goes back to the 12th century warrior class of the daimyos (lords) and samurai who popularized the etiquette and codes of conduct still applied by the imperial family under the name of Ogasawara Ryu and who is popularized in Shinto shrines.

The previous year the rite of passage into adulthood was largely canceled due to the pandemic.

Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio has pledged to lower the age of adulthood to 18 this year which will increase those with legal responsibilities by more than 2 million.

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