F1 wheel rims to be supplied by Japan's BBS

Nikkei -- Jan 11
A Japanese manufacturer will be the exclusive supplier of the new standard wheel rims being introduced in Formula One and NASCAR this season, Nikkei learned Monday.

BBS Japan, a wheel maker under the umbrella of the Maedakosen group, has signed four- and three-year contracts with the governing bodies of F1 and NASCAR, respectively. BBS was likely selected for its track record or supplying F1 teams.

The deals will be announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon car show kicking off Friday.

F1 is introducing standardized wheels as part of a major rules revamp aimed at encouraging closer racing and reining in development costs. Tires are already provided by a single supplier, a position once held by Bridgestone.

The extreme conditions endured by F1 cars make the competition a valuable laboratory for automakers. F1 races have become opportunities for companies like Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari to showcase top-of-the-line technology.