Japan firefighter punished for YouTube side hustle

消防士がYouTubeゲーム実況で『約115万円』稼ぎ懲戒処分 副業で地方公務員法違反に 和歌山市消防局

gulf-times.com -- Jan 12
A Japanese firefighter moonlighting as a gaming YouTuber had cold water poured on his career by public officials, who uncovered the secret side hustle by identifying his voice in the lucrative videos.

An anonymous tip-off prompted Wakayama city in western Japan to launch an investigation into the 33-year-old's channel, which had around 15,000 subscribers.

But because the firefighter never appeared on screen, a local official had to painstakingly comb through the clips for vocal clues to his identity, the city said.

The man's salary was cut in punishment for contravening a law limiting public workers' engagement in commercial activities.

Over a 10-month period he had uploaded more than 300 videos, typically showing him playing multi-player strategy games - racking up around 1.15 million yen ($9,970) in advertising revenue.

Jan 12 (MBS NEWS) - 副業として「ゲーム実況動画」をYouTubeに投稿して100万円以上の収益を得ていた消防士が処分されました。

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