Live Online Casino Gaming Platforms Proving Popular in Japan -- Jan 13
Having been around since the early 1990’s, online casinos are certainly established, and you may have played at a few of them yourself over the years.

In fact, due to recent events, the number of players based in Japan that have chosen to start playing all manner of casino games online has reached an all-time high.

But for many people who do enjoy gambling, they need quite a bit of convincing that they are playing truly fair and random games online and not games that offer them no realistic chance of winning whatsoever.

I recently spoke to the founder of sister casino guide which is a website that lists the most popular and most played at Japanese online casinos, and he told me many casino operators have gone to great lengths to prove their games are completely fair and random.

While many online casinos not only publish the payout percentages and house edges that every single game that they offer have been built and designed around, but they also get their gaming logs certified each month too.

By doing so players can see for themselves just which games have been set to return the highest possible paybacks and look at how those payouts have varied in value over any length of time as well.

However, some players will always tend to shy away from playing solely software driven casino games which ultimately utilize a random number generator to determine the outcome of each game played off.

That is where the next generation of online casino gaming platforms have proven their worth and will enable every player to see first-hand how fair each game really is.

When accessing what are know as live gaming platforms, instead of playing against a random number generator, players are connected to a land-based casino which is broadcasting via a live video stream each card and table game that venue has on offer.

Players can place bets and wagers on those casino games remotely from their own homes and then watch in real time as the Dealer shuffles the cards and deals them out or sit back and watch the Croupier set the ball in motion on games such as Roulette then watch as the ball comes to a stop in one of the ball wells.

Those live casino games have proven to be so popular with players all online casinos these days tend to offer them alongside their older styled software driven games.

With low to high staking options, bonuses on offer to players and comps always being credited and given away to real money players, accessing such a gaming platform is like having a casino in your own home, in fact all you need is a computer and internet connection, and you are good to go.

One tip I was told to pass on to you about choosing just which online casino sites to play at was to stick to only those that have a full gambling license issued in the country they are based.

The reason for doing so is that the Gambling Commission that oversees those casino sites will have fully vetted the casino owners to ensure they are of good character and have the financial means to operate such a site, and they are also required to adhere to the highest of industry standards too.

Whilst the land-based casino environment in Japan is still to get underway, even when it does, online casinos are still going to be just as popular with players as they have been for quite some time now.

You are of course going to have access to all manner of casino promotional offers no matter at which casino site you sign up to and choose to play at as a real money player and will additionally be earning comps much like you do when for example gambling in Macau or Las Vegas.

If you need some convincing though as to whether online casino gambling is something you will enjoy, you do get the option of playing most casino games online for free for as long as you want to test driving such games, and that is something you should consider doing.

To ensure you always gamble responsibly, online casinos will also let you set yourself a deposit limit and even a loss limit, which is something you should always do just to remove any risk of you gambling more money than you had set aside to gamble with.

As for just what types of card and table games can be played online, either via a software driven or live gaming platform, well you will find plenty of games you are possibly familiar with such as Baccarat, Blackjack and as mentioned up above casino table games such as Roulette too.