In Japan, Your Next Sauna Could Be In A Bus -- Jan 20
Old buses in the city of Himeji in Japan are being transformed into mobile saunas - and you can try one come February

When you want to get hot and happily bothered, a sauna hits the spot. It almost transports you to a different place and time. Now, the Shinki Bus company in the city of Himeji in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture has decided to put those together and repurpose its old buses to be mobile saunas. Called Saubus (or Sabus), the fully functioning saunas will throw open their doors in February 2022.

The Himeji bus route was a much loved and much used one, but the service had to stop because of the reduced number of visitors due to the worldwide pandemic.

The erstwhile public transport vehicles have been fitted with wood stove steamers, new benches and office space, but the company has retained some of the original vehicles’ old features.