Annual number of suicides in Japan falls by 251

Japan Times -- Jan 22
The number of people who killed themselves in Japan in 2021 came to 20,830, down 251, or 1.2%, from the previous year, the health ministry said in a preliminary report based on police data Friday.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of suicides among working women grew sharply. But the figure fell slightly in 2021.

Meanwhile, the number of people who committed suicide due to economic struggles rose sharply, possibly a result of the prolonged pandemic that featured a string of state of emergency declarations by the government.

The suicide rate, measured by the number of suicides per population of 100,000, stood at 16.5, down 0.2 from the previous year.

“The figure returned to levels before the coronavirus pandemic,” a health ministry official said.

The number of men who committed suicide decreased by 240 to 13,815, down for the 12th straight year, and the number of women fell by 11 to 7,015.

Among suicide cases confirmed between January and November last year, those related to livelihood and economic problems marked the sharpest year-on-year increase, rising by 114 to 3,038. Of those, 990 killed themselves due to “living a hard life,” up 98.

去年1年間に自殺した人は2万830人で、2年ぶりに減少に転じたことが厚生労働省のまとめで分かりました。  厚生労働省によりますと、去年、自殺した人は速報値で2万830人で、前の年から251人減りました。  自殺した人の性別は女性が7015人で、男性は1万3815人でした。  小学校・中学校・高校の児童・生徒の自殺者は11月までに420人でした。  自殺者の人数は2009年以降、減少を続けていましたが、おととしは著名人の自殺が相次いだ影響などで11年ぶりに前の年よりも増えていました。 - ANNnewsCH