Japan court orders damages over forced sterilization for first time

強制不妊、初の賠償命令 旧優生保護法、国に責任

Kyodo -- Feb 22
A Japanese court on Tuesday ordered the state to compensate three people with disabilities over forced sterilization under the now-defunct eugenics protection law, awarding damages for the first time among similar suits filed across Japan.

The Osaka High Court told the central government to pay a total of 27.5 million yen ($239,660) in damages to the three in western Japan -- a couple and a woman in their 70s and 80s -- and recognized the eugenics law as unconstitutional. ...continue reading

Feb 22 (KyodoNews) - 旧優生保護法(1948~96年)下で不妊手術を強いられたのは憲法違反として、聴覚障害のある大阪府の70~80代夫婦と、近畿在住で知的障害のある70代女性が国に計5500万円の損害賠償を求めた訴訟の控訴審判決で、大阪高裁は22日、請求を認め、賠償を命じた。

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